nGlide 2.00 released with a new Vulkan API backend

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nGlide 2.00 released with a new Vulkan API backend

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The next generation, low-overhead graphics and compute Vulkan API lands in the latest version of glide wrapper to provide best compatibility with modern and future hardware, as well as to improve support with GNU/Linux systems.

Below you will find answers for some Frequently Asked Questions.

What are the requirements for nGlide's Vulkan API backend?

-Windows 7 / 8 / 10 or GNU/Linux with Wine Staging 2.10.0 or newer

-nVidia GeForce 600 series or newer with 372.70 driver or newer
-Radeon R/RX series or newer with 18.3.1 driver or newer
-Intel HD/UHD/Iris 500 series or newer with 15.60 driver or newer

Which tools can you recommend for Vulkan API benchmarking / video recording / screen capturing?

-MSI Afterburner 4.4.0 or newer
-Dxtory 2.0.140 or newer
-GeForce Experience or newer

Why Vulkan? I would like to learn more about Vulkan API

Wikipedia has a great article about it at:

How "Video backend: Automatic" setting works in nGlide configurator?

In this mode nGlide will try to use a primary backend first and if not successful it will try to use a secondary one.

In version 2.00 a primary backend is DirectX and secondary is Vulkan. The order will be reversed in one of the future releases (2.10 or later) once Vulkan backend is tested well enough by the community.

This means that in order to use Vulkan API backend in version 2.00 you need to switch to "Video backend: Vulkan" in nGlide configurator.

What will happen to existing DirectX9 backend? Will it be removed at some point?

It will never be removed and it will be improved as usual, now parallel to Vulkan backend.

I found a bug...

If something doesn't work as it should create a topic in nGlide forums. Don't forget to attach your PC specs, operating system version and nGlide configuration.


nGlide 2.00 changelog:

-added support for BoaBite 3D
-added support for K.O. Boxing
-added support for Natural Fawn Killers
-fixed Pył rare depth buffer bug

-fixed Die Hard Trilogy 2 regression (dx backend)

-added Glide to Vulkan emulation
-new option in nGlide configurator: 'Video backend'
-new environment variable: NGLIDE_BACKEND
-new option in nGlide configurator: 'Refresh rate: By desktop'
-nGlide configurator window now repaints properly after resolution change
-nGlide configurator now implements both ANSI and Unicode WinAPI variants
-ICC profiles are no longer ignored in fullscreen mode
-game window coordinates are now restored properly on close

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