what are some things zeus would like to fix or improve?

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what are some things zeus would like to fix or improve?

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Any ideas or possibilities thought of for the future? I was just wondering. It's an excellent wrapper and i couldn't appreciate the support from zeus more.

It would be awesome if those who work on nglide made nvidia drivers or made modifications to them and to older non-glide games (a good man on the official geforce forums got slave zero working very well in DX). i was thinking fully programming (with load shareable between the CPU and a GPGPU like Titan, R280, or at least R290) emulator for pre-SM3.0 games would be good. it could benefit from double precision floating point and/or 64 bit integer precision especially if someone wanted to do something like make a user-adjustable NV30+ (a virtual device with complete nv30 id and feature set, but also with all of the following not conflicting with any of the original features:

single cycle full precision fragment shaders
native T-buffer style RGSS that could also work with DX8.1 and SM2.0a games,
native 32 bit log z-buffer,
native dithering types added like how the VSA 100 dithered 16 bit color,
effective end user check boxes over all optimizations, formats, lod bias, fog, dithering, and filtering).

I haven't been playing many games lately because there aren't really any monitors i could love or any good drivers
because i believe my GTX780 (and i guess anything by nvidia that isn't a titan or better) is defective due to the crippled double precision (and due to the fact that one driver triggered a system freeze during firefox session; it hadn't happened in the 9 months before i installed that driver and it hasn't happened in the 5 months since i turned hardware acceleration off), and because nvidia just keeps decreasing image quality (the subtle but lossy depth optimizations have varied from driver to driver; they weren't in a 275 driver at all that i used with a 560Ti; and that every driver i used with a 660Ti I used had some kind of subtle yet very lossy depth optimization; i am also unhappy about the added lag from not having zero frames to prerender ahead in DX9 games although that may be due partly to microsoft) so i just imagine what gaming could be like.

I could play all games exclusively on a better (i.e., 1 or 2 ms) keyboard and with the mouse i have (my G3 has a polling rate of 500hz which is about 6 ms effective for the laser movements to respond to me moving them then for them to respond back) and that would reduce input lag somewhat (my mouse button clicks feel a lot more responsive than my Xbox360 controller buttons).

Sorry for such a long post. Some of it could've gone in the suggestions sub-forum, but I figured the other parts being general and me getting carried away meant it could fit in general.

Thanks: )
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