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nGlide and DSR

Posted: Sun Nov 02, 2014 12:47 am
by Zeus
Today (after fixing ctd in Vigilance) I decided to take a look at this "new" & "shiny" feature called
Dynamic Super Resolution that comes with the latest GeForce drivers. It allows you to render graphics at higher resolutions than your monitor is capable of displaying (without using 3rd party tools like GeDoSaTo).
And I must say it works really well.

Here're the shots from Q3A & NFS3 (4096x3072, no AA):



If you want to use it with nGlide set your target DSR resolution as desktop resolution and set "Resolution: By desktop" in nGlide configurator.

Tested 344.48 drivers for XP and 7 with my GeForce GTS 450 but for some reason DSR options weren't available in XP. nVidia doesn't mention it as XP-unsupported feature so perhaps it's just a glitch.