Quake 2 FPS

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Quake 2 FPS

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I haven't been able to find any comparison of real hardware running glide (some voodoo card) and nGlide, so as I'm in possession of one I did that on my own. Here is some info:

Video Setup:
[3dfx openGL & default openGL]
full screen
Texture Quality: max
8 bit texture: no

Test Used:
At game start:
s_initsound 0 [Enter]
snd_restart [Enter]
timedemo 1 [Enter]
demomap demo1.dm2 [Enter]


3dfx voodoo 2 12MB (3dfx openGL) - 44.1 FPS @ 800x600
GeForce 7600 GS 256MB (default openGL)- 60.1 FPS @ 800x600
nGlide - (3dfx openGL) - 56.4 FPS @ 800x600
software - 98.8 FPS @ 800x600

Athlon 3200+ @ 2.2 GHz
Soltek K8AN2E nForce 3 250
2GB DDR PC3200
NVIDIA GeFOrce 7600 GS 256 MB
Voodoo 2 12 MB PCI
Sound Blaster Audigy
Dell 2209WA

Win XP SP3 drivers (nvidia omega XP)
kolsmolsky driver (Voodoo2 3D)

To conclude, nice piece of software that nGlide is!
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