Dosbox build which have Glide 3dfx emulation|wrapping

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Dosbox build which have Glide 3dfx emulation|wrapping

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If you know more builds than this please post, i want to find most faster version.

1 DOSBox SVN Daum (
2 "UBER BUILD" (by Virusek) (
3 CosmicDan on nglide compatibility page.
4 gulikoza build
5 dosbox-x project
6 Some GoG games comes with DosBox 0.74G version that support glide
7 Glidos in some unusual way uses glide API (also interesting fact, you can replace glide2x.dll on Glidos directory (OpenGlide or psVodoo) after it you can play dos game directly on NTVDM using nGlide, or some games that can be runned on VDOS (Tomb Raider, Descent II, RedGuard), or using DOSBox, adventage??? more resolutions, faster than glide2x.dll shipped with Glidos).

in config file of dosbox:
cycles=max 105%

also i create bat/cmd file like
with content

@echo off
start dosbox.exe
wmic process where name="dosbox.exe" CALL setpriority 256
@echo on ... mmand-line

i use to determine how fast dosbox ...
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