nGlide 1.04 with T-Buffer, FXT1, S3TC and better performance

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nGlide 1.04 with T-Buffer, FXT1, S3TC and better performance

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nGlide 1.04 changelog:

-added support for Hind
-added support for SimCopter
-added support for Xtom 3D
-fixed Codename: Eagle disappearing textures
-fixed Dreams to Reality (with DOSBox + Gulikoza's patch) fog problem
-fixed Formula 1 track surface details problem
-fixed Formula 1 '97 depth fighting issue
-fixed Incubation: Time Is Running Out image quality with high resolutions
-fixed Incubation: The Wilderness Missions image quality with high resolutions
-fixed Jane's Combat Simulations: F-15 Classic cross cursor issues
-fixed NASCAR Racing 3 cursor traces
-fixed Newman Haas Racing blinking car shadow
-fixed Return Fire 2 disappearing objects
-fixed Star Wars: Rogue Squadron 3D ctd after ending mission
-fixed Ultima 9: Ascension cursor in videos
-fixed V-Rally missing shadows under cars
-fixed Vigilance switch video modes error

-added support for TEXFMT extension (FXT1 and S3TC compressed / 32-bit / 2k textures)
-added support for PIXEXT extension (T-Buffer / Stencil buffer)
-added support for 24bit-Z mode
-fixed Homeworld garbled graphics in 1024x768
-fixed Serious Sam: The First Encounter missing lens flare effect
-fixed Serious Sam: The Second Encounter missing lens flare effect

-added support for individual configurations via environment variables
-added support for Windows 10
-added 144Hz refresh rate mode
-added support for Direct3D reference rasterizer (software rendering)
(place d3dref9.dll from DirectX SDK into game directory to use it)
-fixed missing 1024x768+ resolutions in several Glide2 games
-fixed minor glitch with lines rendering
-fixed some incompatibilities with anisotropic filtering
-improved performance of lfb reads and writes
-unsupported internal resolutions by GPU are now upscaled by default

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