nGlide 1.00 - Glide wrapper released

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nGlide 1.00 - Glide wrapper released

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nGlide 1.00 changelog:

-added support for Barrage
-added support for S.C.A.R.S.
-fixed Airfix Dogfighter no intro bug
-fixed Bio F.R.E.A.K.S. black background issue
-fixed Carnivores sky issue
-fixed Carnivores 2 sky issue
-fixed Carnivores: Ice Age sky issue
-fixed CART Precision Racing image quality
-fixed Codename: Eagle texturing issue
-fixed Descent: Freespace ship lights
-fixed Excalibur 2555AD text glitch
-fixed F/A-18 Korea garbled debriefing screen
-fixed Lands of Lore 3 Alt+Tab crash
-fixed Monster Truck Madness 2 image quality
-fixed Motorhead lights visible through walls
-fixed Pył (with DOSBox + Gulikoza's patch) lights visible through walls
-fixed Starsiege menu buttons glitch
-fixed SWIV 3D platform and shadow glitches
-fixed TNN Outdoors Pro Hunter engine crash with 640x480 and above

-added support for ePSXe, PS1 Emulator (with Lewpy's Glide plugin)
-added support for TEXMIRROR extension
-fixed Arabian Nights complex shadows bug
-fixed Hardwar: The Future is Greedy oblique lines glitch
-fixed Hype: The Time Quest blinking character shadows
-fixed Lander shadow glitch
-fixed realMYST transparency issue in menu

-fixed Resolution: By desktop setting (with DOSBox + Gulikoza's patch)
-improved compatibility with Wine

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