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Posted: Thu Jan 07, 2016 10:08 am
by smoke_th
Ok, this is really silly. But, a thing popped up recently. this thing converts most of non-vr games to vr (probably by intercepting at draw and setting 2 draw matrices instead of one).
My question is, can it be compatible with nGlide? What kind of visual data does nGlide process? just heap of glide draw queue directly to d3d? if so can a separate viewport be created with slightly altered matrix to accommodate another position?

Also, VR is not only via oculus (if someone gonna bring up a point that it's futile to even try because oculus costs too much) - there is software now to connect google cardboard via oculus sdk. ... 1688354373

Just imagine playing Rogue Squadron 3D with stereoscopic headset.