Compatibility with RTSS OSD using DirectX backend.

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Compatibility with RTSS OSD using DirectX backend.

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Is it possible to make nglide, using a video backend of DirectX, work with
RivaTuner Statistics Server on screen display? As far as I can tell, it does
not work.

On screen display works just fine when the video backend is set to Vulkan.

I am unwilling to use Vulkan since I really need NVIDIA FastSync to run.

I could use Vulkan but that would require frame limiting to prevent tearing,
and that would actually defeat the entire purpose of having on screen
display, anyway.

I can not use a technology like gsync or freesync since my monitor is old.
I do not wish to replace this old monitor since that would require I also
replace a KVM switch since everything I am using is DVI. And this old 24
inch 1920x1200 60hz still suits my needs, escpecially with FastSync turned
on. Also, going to a 1080p monitor obviously feels like a step back from
1200 and 1440 monitors are kind of expensive.
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