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Games and patches not listed at compatibility list

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found at ebay there is descent version for 3dfx ... :rk:7:pf:0


Actua Golf (Gremlin / Interplay)
Dreadnought (Ocean UK / Ocean)
Gears n Guts (Gremlin / Interplay)
iM1A2 Abrams Tank ("Charybdis Enterprises, Inc." / Interactive Magic)
Mortificator (Lobotomy / Playmates)
Terminal Velocity
Virtua Squad

i am check strings in files for presence of _grglideinit etc.

found how to run 16 bit installer (link to patches here seems alive, some dead)

African Safari Trophy Hunter 3D (have glideinit glide2x ddraw strings in voodoo.vd and direct3d.vd)
Battlezone (unable run patch, no game)
Black & White
Daytona USA Deluxe (ddraw)
Dungeon Keeper (tells it d3d not checked)
F-16 Multirole Fighter
Grand Touring
Internationall Rally Championship ()
Madden NFL 98 (ddraw strings) (patch don't want run because no game, extracted with Universal extrator
Moto Racer (ddraw)
NHL Powerplay 98 ()
Panzer Commander ()
Puma Street Soccer ()
Resident Evil ()
Sega Touring Car Championship (Sega) (ddraw)
Shogo: Mobile Armor Division (Monolith Productions) (ddraw, eax, a3d)
Starship Titanic ()

14.02.19 *

ddraw means directdraw or drect3d up to 6 (7?) version
(links dead , only posted for patch exe names and where they have been)

Hardball 6.01 3dfx hotfix 465K ( (found exactly this patch) (ddraw)
HyperBlade Voodoo 2 Patch 11K ( (ddraw)
iF-16 3DFX patch 1900K ( (Apache: Longbow)
Nascar 2 3Dfx 1400K ( ... 2-3dfx.exe) (Nascar Racing 2)
Star Fighter (3dfx update) 469K ( (starfighter 3000)
X-Wing versus TIE-Fighter 3DFX upgrade 1500K ( ... t_3dfx.exe) (patch found ...
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