Support more glide resolutions

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Re: Support more glide resolutions

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Zeus wrote:What would be the point? Voodoo hardware doesn't support modern widescreen resolutions.
The way VEG seems to be talking, he seems to be separating the Glide API from the idea that there's actual hardware that directly executes it, and more as a middleware API that you use only with different Glide wrappers. :D

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Re: Support more glide resolutions

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Check your email, VEG. I sent you nGlide dev version that supports extended resolutions.

Let us know when your patch for NFS3 is ready so we can do some beta tests.

P.S. Extended resolutions has been added also to glide.dll and glide2x.dll in case you (or somebody else) will decide to patch some other games in the future. grQueryResolutions export has been added to glide.dll/glide2x.dll.
Aspect ratio calculations for forced resolutions via nGlide configurator / nGlide environment variables have been fixed. Aspect ratio = "4:3" in configurator will be renamed to "Preserve original" in the next official release (1.05).

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Re: Support more glide resolutions

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Thanks. I think it will be ready soon.

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