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Re: Games and patches not listed at compatibility list

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Crazy Marbles.-------------------------opengl --- glide --- (real voodoo2 - ok)
Doctor Who: Destiny of the Doctors.-----glide,ddraw,msi95,ati3dcif,s3dtkw
F-16: Aggressor.----------------------------glide---ddraw
Furcol (ES).---------------------------glide (dos?) (real voodoo2 - ok)
Legend of Eastern.---------------------opengl,a3d,glide,ddraw
Pickup Express.-------------------------------------------------glide,ddraw,d3d8,opengl
Populous: the Beginning.----------------------------------------ddraw,glide
World League Soccer '98.---------------------------------------------ddraw, glide! (real voodoo2 - ok)
Frog Frenzy 2.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ddraw,glide,opengl (real voodoo2 - voodoo2 driver CTD, banshee - artifacts, sky over all geometry)

Game Lists:
Another old games list of 3dfx games
an more another =) ... ide.12748/
i think it in some places different that one in "versus" thread

Source Ports:
this is Mario 64 under dos and it can use 3dfx voodoo
Another Quake 3dfx dos port FitzQuake
3dfx dos Quake World - qwdos

Not Glide Games:
NB Heartbreakers Advanced (KO).-------------------opengl

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