Gunmetal, questions about the fog.

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Gunmetal, questions about the fog.

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Now don't get me wrong Zeus, you did a BEYOND AMAZING job fixing that horrible HORRIBLE issue with the fog already, but it seems it still doesn't act quite right compared to real hardware.

The best I can describe is, the fog in nGlide is acting like a "volumetric light" not so much a true distance fog.

For example, drive around underwater in various places and notice how in some areas you can't see the fog at all or it only appears on certain surfaces while everything else just has the usual teal blue tint applied on everything, Lachesis is a good example of this effect happening.

In Avalon, the very first real mission you play, the underwater area best exhibits the effect of the fog being handled as a volumetric light, as it looks like gouard shaded triangles are what the "fog" is actually basing itself off of. On real hardware it does not look like this at all and the fog actually properly blends away everything in a circular area around the player's viewport.

This happens also in Mission 7, which was the mission that was GREATLY plagued by the bug in the first place in 1.02, but the effect here in 1.03 is even more exaggerated due to the many polys that outdoor map has. Also it appears that water is not occluded by fog at all, I need to test on real hardware to confirm this isn't a nGlide issue though.

This is mostly just a cosmetic issue and not something that totally detracts from the looks of the game itself, and it spiked my curiosity... how exactly is this game issuing fog via Glide?
Also it's worth mentioning that the fog in Gunmetal DOES NOT occlude geometry, this is true on both real hardware and nGlide, and the fog in Mission 7 seriously hurts the framerate in both nGlide and on a real Voodoo 2 SLI setup.
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