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Solution to the problem of the uprising 2 using Windows 7.

Posted: Sat Oct 05, 2013 7:38 pm
by omeganexus
After a long search to find a solution to the problem of Uprising 2 Lead And Destroy when using Windows 7 . I finally found a solution and want to share with everyone here .

In a previous Topic , Zeus suggested for us to use the Aqrit ddwrapper 's trying to solve the problem . Indeed Aqrit 's ddwrapper start the game normally , BUT when you finish a mission and enter the debriefing screen , an error occurs that closes the game due to Aqrit 's ddwrapper .

The solution was to use another Ddwrapper the DxWnd ( OG Edition ) available in old- website .

After having done Download , extract the files to any folder . Open the file dxwnd.exe you will get a blank window with the menus File , Edit and Help . First enter the Edit menu , and click on Add

With this will Target Setup window appears . First Click the button ... for selecting the path where the file Uprising 2.exe game . Video options in the options mark "Hook Directdraw" , "Colour Convert" ( correct colors ) "Use GDI" ( best color ) .

In "Surface location" , choice System memory . In resolution, Auto . Mark "FullScreen" Option .

In FPS, check "Limit" to 60 FPS. And check the "Reduce CPU Load". Finally, check the option in Input "DonĀ“t hide Mouse Pointer".Click OK, and ready. Just close the program. Now run the file lauch.exe every time you want to start the game.

Hope this helps.