Tachyon The Fringe continuously spins left @ 1080p

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Tachyon The Fringe continuously spins left @ 1080p

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I'd like to report a problem when playing Tachyon the Fringe.

When nGlide is set to use native desktop screen resolution, the game continuously spins to left.
If I disable mouse control, or if I chose to use a game controller, the game comes back to normal.

I've tried to increase the mouse deadzone, and mouse sensitivity mentioned in the .cfg file, but none works.

During the game, if I click right mouse button to use the drag control, the game works fine as well.

Except the three native game resolutions, (640x480, 800x600, 1024x768) all other resolutions seem having mouse control problem. Other tested resolution: 1600x1200, the game won't recognize mouse down.

I've applied the hw_3dfx.dll patch and .cfg tweak from the compatibility list page.

The current system configurations is: Windows 8 Pro x64, GTX 660 Ti 2GB with 314.22 driver.
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