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Metal Fatigue

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Greetings -

Clean install of MF with the original CD's, including DX7 (even though it wasn't recommended in the games install wizard, I figured it might help the Glide, or possibly other aspects). Then installed v1.00nGlide, along with the super special mini-patch (that I assume installed correctly - all I saw was a quick flash of a command prompt).

Problem - Graphically, the game seems to run smoothly, certainly better than without a Glide, but nearly 100% of the time when i try to load a saved game OR when I complete a mission, the game crashes. I've successfully loaded only a few times, and only got to the post-mission screen once (neither with satisfying efficiency)...and then it crashed anyways: sometimes its as simple as "this program has stopped working - close", while other times it's completely locked up, to the point that i have to ctrl-alt-del and log off or restart.

I've tried playing with different resolutions, I've tried fooling around with the config (in both the game and the Glide), I've tried different Glides (zecken's 084c and dgVoodoo 1.4) with varying success, and even though Zeus' seems the best, it will always crash at the end of every 1st mission.

I realize that it might not even be (and most likely isn't) the Glides fault, as it is graphically fixed. What i can't understand is what else it could be, as this game is supposed to operate rather flawlessly aside from the graphic issues. So, could the Glide itself be causing this problem? If not, any help in finding out what could be causing the problem would be very much appreciated...

W7 Pro, 64
Intel i5 2500k
GTX560 2Gb (Dual monitor)
16Gb RAM

Thanks in advance for any help.
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