Diablo II in windows 8 fullscreen problems

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Diablo II in windows 8 fullscreen problems

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Hey guys.

I switched to windows 8 and installed nGlide to play diablo 2 LoD.

I can run the game just fine in windowed mode. Load times are really quick and the game runs perfectly.

The problem I'm having is running in fullscreen mode. Any time the game is loading (launching the game, loading a character, taking a waypoint) I get a weird problem. Load times are really long, like 10+ seconds, and I get a weird, scrolling text in the upper left corner of my screen. It's just one character wide and it 'rolls' - it just switches from one character to another super quickly, just gibberish. It does this the entire duration of loading.

Is there any way to fix this? I'd like to play fullscreen :(
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