Divine Divinity Performance Settings

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Divine Divinity Performance Settings

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Hello folks! First of all I would like to thank you for this decent software. I tested some of them and it seems like yours is the best one.
I am having an issue with Divine Divinity Performance settings in the game itself. I selected succesesfully and then tested and applied Glide in the config.exe with 1024x768 graphical settings BUT when I select graphical settings as Very High in Performance section of In-game Options it automatically switches them to High for some reason. My operating system is Windows 10 and I playing this game on HP Envy 17-u110nr. I tried the following:

1) Started both config.exe and div.exe as Administrator,
2) Started both config.exe and div.exe as User,
3) Tried to switch game resolution to 640x480 and 800x600 in the config.exe.

All of the abovementioned does not helps me. Please tell me how can I force the graphical settings to Very High in the Performance section of the In-Game settings?
Does it worth it to have Very High graphical settings in this game?

Thnks in advance!
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