Carmageddon 2-- mipmaps not working with custom textures applied

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Carmageddon 2-- mipmaps not working with custom textures applied

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Im using Nglide (last version) to play the game "Carmageddon 2: Carpocalypse Now" (GOG version)

And on top of that , Im using this program made by "Peixoto":


Link of the program: ... sp=sharing

You only have to start the program, in the list go down to "GOG VERSION CARMA" , double click on it, it will ask for the executable and choose "Carma2.exe" of the game folder.

Then, download this folder that contains all the dumped and new textures: ... sp=sharing

When you start the game for the first time throught "Peixoto Tools" with the custom texture replacement option enabled, the program will create some folders. You can see where in the "File system" section.

In my computer was here:

C:\Users\SERGIO\Documents\Games\gog version carma\Textures\VOKSI

In your computer perhaps its different because you have a different username and all that.
Inside "GOG Version Carma" there are 3 folders, you must extract the custom textures link i gave to you inside "textures"


"Peixoto tools" program add custom texture replacement support for old directx games.
So im using Nglide as a wrapper to dx9, and then use peixoto in dx9 mode to be able to extract textures of the game.

And im being able to replace the original textures with high resolutions ones:



Custom textures:


The problem is that the mipmaps are not applied ingame and there is shimmering.
All textures are dtx5 dds images with mipmapping (by power of two).

There is a bug if you play using peixoto tools while applying custom textures in carmageddon 2, if you restart or finish a race, after that the textures will be wrong applied in menus and stages , having to close the game and open it again, but that its something that Peixoto is trying to fix at the moment.
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