Application error + inexplicable shutdown during gameplay

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Application error + inexplicable shutdown during gameplay

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As the subject suggests, I have encountered 2 issues as I was using nGlide for Need for Speed 2 SE. They are unrelated from one another, as they happen on radically different setups. Details below.

Issue #1: "the instruction at 0x74dceddc referenced memory at 0x00000000. the memory could not be read."

This issue happens on a Windows 7 64-bit system with an AMD RX Vega 56, driver version 20.4.2 WHQL. It can be reproduced by forcing the DX9 renderer, the game will crash immediately upon startup. This happens on both versions 1.05 and 2.10. It does not happen on a Windows 7 32-bit system with a 9600 GT and driver version 340.52 as was tested to see if the issue was also seen there. Using the Vulkan renderer bypasses this issue on the Vega 56 machine, but I report this anyway for the principle of bug reporting.

SOLVED: for some arcane insane unfathomable reason, Rivatuner Statistics Server and Nglide just refuse to mesh on AMD Hardware. I also noticed the same thing happening on a x800 xt and a windows xp environment, but it didn't produce any error message. To make RTSS and Nglide get along on AMD Hardware, you need to set overlay mode to Vector 2D. This must be the fault of RTSS, I have to assume.

Issue #2: Inexplicable shutdown upon starting a second race, does not produce an error message

This issue happens on both Windows 98 SE and Windows XP, with Windows 7 being immune to this issue. This affects version 2.10, version 1.05 does not possess this issue. Graphics cards tested are Geforce 6200 (PCI, Windows 98 SE, 77.72 driver), Geforce 6800 GT (PCI-E, Windows XP, 175.19 driver), Geforce 9600 GT (PCI-E, Windows XP, 340.52 driver). To be honest, this issue is quite nebulous; the latest time I did this test on Windows 98, the race crashed even when it was the first, and on XP, you could tweak nglide's settings to wipe this issue in the 6800 GT, but with the 9600 GT, it persisted no matter what. Intensive testing will be required for this...

If needed, I will conduct further testing and provide any needed information, if available.
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