FIFA 2001 minor problems

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FIFA 2001 minor problems

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Bug #1: When cranking resolution via Nglide setup utility, hires vanishes when lens flare effects are onscreen.

Other than that, hires mode is good, however fifa 2001 hud is a bit too intrusive, so I tried to change setting "thrash resolution" in fifa2001 registry, it worked (I set it to 1280x1024, the exact same as my desktop resolution), now hud is small and nice (like when you see a real life soccer match on tv) however there are random huge framedrops during replays or intermissions, I suspect when lens flares are onscreen.
I know that maybe this is due to game engine not supposed to support 3dfx driver at this resolution but this really fixes hud for me.

I used Bandicam to check ingame framerate.
Graphic details are set to max.
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