How to play GLQuake with Nglide?

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How to play GLQuake with Nglide?

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I own Quake on Steam and was wondering how to play GL Quake with Nglide. I already installed Nglide and configured all my settings with the configurator. Are there any Glide DLL files I need to download?
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Re: How to play GLQuake with Nglide?

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You need ogl -> glide wrapper.
1) GLQuake installs (optionally) 3dfx minigl for ogl -> glide2x wrapping. The method is standard (opengl32.dll in the game directory). Check your installation for this file.
2) Try a newer 3dfx minigl version (1.49 or 1.47).
3) Use a full ICD (3dfxogl.dll (Voodoo3-Voodoo4-Voodoo5) or 3dfxvgl.dll (Voodoo2)). Copy the file in the Quake directory as opengl32.dll.
"3" is the preferred method.
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