Need For Speed 5 Porsche 2000/Unleashed

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Re: Need For Speed 5 Porsche 2000/Unleashed

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Here is the iplounge page with bunch of fixes for PU:
You could also ask for help on their forum:
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Re: Need For Speed 5 Porsche 2000/Unleashed

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IceMan wrote: Tue Apr 14, 2015 10:20 pm Right, this was eventually caused by the USB cable on my H100i Corsair water cooler, as some games crash when it's plugged in, due to it being detected as an HID device in a way they don't like, crazy!

Anyway, I got NFS Porsche running, and just wanted to report that if you use Projected headlights (use Monte Carlo track to see) then it shows grey textures instead of lit up areas (drop headlights with L key and the grey goes).

Projected looks worse than Vertex, so I don't mind, but just reporting it for completeness! nGlide 1.04 FYI.
THANKS ! That actually did the trick for me as well !!!
Unplug, run again and boom !

I had it running on another PC flawlessly and could'nt figure out how to fix this on my latest PC. Had it run with DxWnd after a few shots messing with settings, but have not managed to get the track records updated and other stuff.

now the fonts...
I remember I had a font fix somewhere for this game back then
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