nGlide with Interstate '76 Nitro Pack -- 3D acceleration fails to start without external monitor

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nGlide with Interstate '76 Nitro Pack -- 3D acceleration fails to start without external monitor

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Very strange behavior here that I'm looking for some help on:

I'm trying to run Interstate '76 Nitro Pack on Windows 10 on a GPD Win3, which is essentially a laptop in handheld format. Intel Iris XE integrated graphics and Core i7 chip.

If I have an external monitor hooked up via USB-C, I can launch the game with nGlide and everything works beautifully. The second I disconnect the external monitor and switch to the internal 720p screen, I get the error pop-up: "Running software emulation mode: Failed to initialize 3D hardware acceleration." Crash at launch, and I can't even get into the menu.

Here's where things get really odd:

If I have the external display hooked up and run the game, click through the menus, and begin an actual (3D accelerated) gameplay session, then disconnect the external monitor while the gameplay session is running -- it switches back to the built-in 720p display and the game continues to run just fine. So, clearly the hardware can support everything just fine. With all external cables disconnected, the second I exit the gameplay session and attempt to return to the game menus, the app crashes with an unhandled exception.

Any ideas why this odd behavior might be occurring? Clearly seems that the menus are the thing causing the issue. I've encountered menu-based problems before when trying to emulate D3D support w/ dgVoodoo, and needed to replace/remove DDraw.dll in the game directory.

nGlide is superior to dgVoodoo for this game when I can get it working, so would love to find a fix for this issue. Thanks in advance for any support!
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