EA Sports Tiger Woods.

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EA Sports Tiger Woods.

Postby Gamecollector » Sat May 19, 2012 7:41 am

Found a way to run these games in 3dfx mode.
Tested games are Tiger Woods 99 PGA Tour Golf (from the "Tiger Woods PGA Tour Collection") and Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2001. Currently don't have "Tiger Woods 2000", can't test. And Tiger Woods 2002 don't have the glide renderer.
The trouble is - videocard detection is embedded in the game, so the standard registry editing isn't working.
The only way is - copy the 3dfx driver (voodoo2a.dll, voodoo2z.dll) as the direct3d driver (d3da.dll, d3d7a.dll etc).
Unfortunately the games are halting at the "Loading..." screen.
Asus P4P800 SE/Pentium4 3.2E/2 GB DDR400 (3-3-3-8),
Radeon HD3850 AGP (Sapphire), Catalyst 14.4 (XpProSp3).
2 Voodoo2 12 MB (SLI), Win2k drivers 1.02.00 (XpProSp3).

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