Earth 2150 runs GREAT

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Earth 2150 runs GREAT

Postby Diego0920 » Mon Dec 31, 2018 4:19 pm

I've been playing this classic 2000's RTS for a little while with my Celeron N2806 PC. For some reason the old Direct3D mode only allowed me to play at a resolution of 640x480 with disabled shadows and on constant zoom. Opening up the construction menu that displays extra 3D objects made it even worse:

I got the idea of trying out this newer nGlide driver just for the sake of it and now, low and behold, the game runs nearly maxed out at 1024x768 with extra view distance and shadows for everything:
Now it doesn't even slow down after opening up all panels! :mrgreen:

Anyway, I made this topic to show how grateful I am and I wish everyone a happy new year.

Thanks and goodbye.

Edit: Looking more into OpenGL I found there are some trade-offs in visual glitches. OpenGL incorrectly displays resource points while nGlide incorrectly displays ammo bars. This can probably be fixed. I also can't use enviromental fog in OpenGL so nGlide remains superior.

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