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Postby Gamecollector » Sun Jul 30, 2017 12:10 pm

Any glide rendering starts from grGlideInit so just search this string in game files.
No string = no glide API.

About lists...
Well, my list is 100% tested by me. NGlide compatibility list is 100% tested by Zeus.
Digitpress and similar (Mobygames etc) lists are very inaccurate.

P.S. Found the copy of this game...
Well, there is grGlideInit call in apachefx.exe.

P.S.S. I can choose "Direct3D Primary Hardware", "Pentium 2 Software Renderer" and "Direct3D Ramp" in the launcher. No 3dfx.
Can run the game in the glide mode manually with the "apachefx.exe -aohsn" command ("s" - secondary, "n" - native). Another method is "apexe.dat" editing - 1st string must be "GLIDE", 2nd - "apachefx.exe -aohsn". Then i can run the game in the glide mode from the launcher itself.
Uses glide2x. Supports 512x384, 640x480 and 800x600 resolutions.
Works ok with nGlide 1.05.
Game .exes need the SingleProcAffinity ACT fix (fixes movie hiccups).

Big tnx for this find.
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