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Oni compatible with nGlide?

Posted: Sun Dec 28, 2014 5:45 pm
by tfishell
I was wondering if somebody could chime in on if could be used with nGlide. mentions, "Only OpenGL, Glide and Software Rendering supported on WindowsNT," which says to me it could theoretically since it has Glide support.

On the other hand, though, ... 13976.html says stuff like, "Oni's an OpenGL title. I had all kinds of problems trying to run that game on my Voodoo3. It wasn't slow, but it would lock up at points, forcing me to reboot. Not a game I recommend for folks with 3dfx cards."

Re: Oni compatible with nGlide?

Posted: Sun Dec 28, 2014 7:31 pm
by Gamecollector
Opengl only. No glide, no software.

Why are opengl games claimed as glide so often? It's easy. All OGL ICDs of Voodoo cards are just opengl -> glide wrappers. So if you run any ogl game and the main ogl device is Voodoo1/2/3/4/5/Rush/Banshee - you will see the 3dfx logo etc. The same result can be accomplished if you rename a Voodoo icd (3dfxvgl.dll or 3dfxogl.dll) to opengl32.dll and put it to the game directory. By the way - the game will run in WinXp after this (if you have a real Voodoo card or have installed nGlide).

P.S. Well, Voodoo3/4/5 3dfxogl.dll + nGlide force the "Damn!" error after the 3dfx logo. Voodoo1/Banshee 3dfxogl.dll and Voodoo2 3dfxvgl.dll work ok. Lights are seen through models - known Oni glitch.