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Low Memory Mode? Carmageddon

Posted: Fri Feb 01, 2013 3:17 am
by goldenhoovez
Just like alot of you i have recently revived carmageddon and tomb raider with 3dfx via nglide, rad!

BUT carma always runs in 'low memory mode' at first I didn't I do!
In low memory mode is drops key sounds and game features, no major crash sound, missing menu sounds, no 'nice shot sir' etc messages, no challenges from drivers or choose starting position, no replay, no in car POV and thus no looking L or R....there even no Max; cam or voice! It pretty damn annoying.

Tomb raider runs perfectly. Carma tho....nope. I tried putting the resolution right down, from 1680 to 640, turning of V sync and running windowed, still does low memory mode only. Dosbox says (about nglide) a single 1 gz processor should be fine...bollocks!
I have 4 x 2.6 gz, 4gb ram, and a not great card ATI radeon hd 2600 with 256ram....but still should be enough to run an oooolllld game with all features surely!

Anyone else experience low memory?
Anyone got any fixes/suggestions to sort it

Re: Low Memory Mode? Carmageddon

Posted: Fri Feb 01, 2013 7:04 am
by Gamecollector
Memsize=63 in dosbox.conf.
Seriously, if you use something (DosBox) - try to learn the basics of this something.