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Re: Some technical questions about 3dfx HW and nglide.

Posted: Wed Mar 04, 2015 2:58 am
by Zeus
Aug 2012:
Zeus wrote:You may be interested in Truffon's tests:

Windows 98:
Glide 3.0 (latest official 3Dfx drivers) + V5 5500 = 16 bit z and w (only)

Windows XP:
Glide 3.0 (5 different unofficial drivers) + V5 5500 = 16 bit z and w (only)

This means 24-bit depth was not available with Glide API at all.

Mar 2015:
Zeus wrote:nGlide 1.04 changelog:

Glide 3:
-added support for 24bit-Z mode

Perhaps some of you are wondering what the heck is this?

Well, yes, I was wrong. It's not widely used (only in some 3dfxvgl titles and only with VSA-100 hardware), but 24-bit Z in Glide 3.0 does exist, even though the capability is not exposed by the drivers. Perhaps backward compatibility was the reason why 3dfx hid it.