Stress test of old laptop with intel gma 950

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Stress test of old laptop with intel gma 950

Post by vorob » Wed Aug 22, 2018 12:44 pm

Yes yes, i know that gma 950 is crap and incompatible with nglide requirements. But i still wanna check some hard games to find its limits.


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Dell Latitude D620,
Core 2 duo with 1600mhz
2gb ram
Win 7 64
Intel gma 950.
I'm using some custom driver which adds several missing things like:

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* DirectX 9 and OpenGL 1.4 support for Windows XP or better.
* Full DirectX 9.0c and DirectX 10 Compatibility Support for Windows Vista or better.
* Full Shader Model 2.0 support for Windows Vista or better.
Please, just name me some glide games that require some additional things from hardware to emulate 3dfx :)

Tried unreal, works perfect with ngline in glide mode.
Tried test drive 4, and it crashes on track load. Though i'm unable to set win95 compatibility.

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Re: Stress test of old laptop with intel gma 950

Post by Zeus » Sun Aug 26, 2018 1:08 pm

From Glide SDK I would check every 2x/3x test program (test00.exe-test36.exe) and compare screenshots from nGlide gallery.

From games I would test:
-Motorhead and Severance: Blade of Darkness (depth buffer read)
-Unreal (alpha blending)
-Q3A Test (T-Buffer motion blur)
-Descent Freespace 1 or 1 (color buffer read/write)
-Pandemonium 2 (color buffer write)
-Return To Castle Wolfenstein (large textures)
-Requiem: Avenging Angel (w-cmp-bias depth mode)
-Ultim@te Race Pro (fogging)
-Lands of Lore 3 (separate alpha blending)

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