GunMetal Game and nGlide problems

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GunMetal Game and nGlide problems

Post by Almalexion » Tue Apr 17, 2018 8:35 pm


I recently installed this game in my windows 10 computer... Ho boi... That was a real challenge actually but I made a progress with it... I never see an old game that has some issues like this...

First, after I copied the files from cd (there is no legit way to setup it, it doesn't recognise the OS), I clicked the GUNDX.exe to make it start. Since there is no .exe to start the game with 3D, I had to start it on DX first but... It doesn't recognise the installed dx in the system and gives direct draw not found error... So I had to bypass it with dgvoodoo2 directx emulation... After that I be able to start the game but, keyboard is not even working but, after doing alt+tab and returning the game makes the keyboard working anyway so, I could be able to switch the game to 3Dfx from the graphics options finally. But... it fixes it to the 800x600 thanks to that...

Anyway, since it recognises the 3Dfx wrapper, I didn't needed to install that patch (which I have no idea it does something or not and I am not even talking about the game update too). So... problems that not even solved since 5 or 10 years ago shows itsels how this wrapper makes the game unplayable it is... Everytime you press escape to open the menus, screen just stays under the game screen, hud overlay just looks like captured the image from the background, you cannot be able to see the other stuffs like mission briefing... Other stuffs like skyboxes and walls and particle effects looks fine and game looks pretty in 3Dfx anyway...

Also game has it's own problem in windows 10 such as, you cannot be able to start the next level if you loaded the game before (no hit space to start, normally it shouldn't done that)... Even if you capped the fps with riva turner, sound have some issues, does fast skips...

I wonder if the developers makes some fixes for this rare gem that unrecognised somehow... It's a game from my childhood and really freakin' lotsa fun ! I am also open for every kind of suggestions to make this game run ok at least without least of the problems that I mentioned...

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Re: GunMetal Game and nGlide problems

Post by Zeus » Wed Apr 18, 2018 2:44 am

You are having all these problems because you didn't follow instructions and install 1.36 patch.

I created a diff package (CD to 1.36) that should allow you to play it on modern systems:

1) extract contents into game directory and confirm changes
2) install nGlide (you don't need to if you did it already)
3) launch PatchInstall.bat
4) launch the game with GUNMETAL.exe

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