nGlide 0.96 - New features and improvements

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nGlide 0.96 - New features and improvements

Post by Zeus » Thu Apr 28, 2011 12:56 pm


nGlide 0.96 changelog:

-added support for Gulf War: Operation Desert Hammer
-added support for Screamer 2 (with DOSBox + Gulikoza's patch)
-added support for Screamer Rally (with DOSBox + Gulikoza's patch)
-fixed Nascar Legends car decals
-fixed Nuclear Strike menu bugs
-fixed Tomb Raider credits crash
-fixed Unreal & Unreal Tournament textures bugs

-added support for Fifa 2000
-added support for Fifa 2001
-added support for GP 500
-added support for Hardwar: The Future is Greedy
-added support for Hype: The Time Quest
-added support for TEXTUREBUFFER extension (used by Glide64)
-fixed Arabian Nights in-game resolution change crash
-fixed Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis menu glitches

-added ability to choose screen aspect ratio
-50% faster texture palettes handling
-improved internal Glide FPS limiter (smoother animation)
-improved gamma correction scale
-improved splash screen rendering (no resolution switching)

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