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Aspect ratio option without forcing resolution

Posted: Thu Apr 23, 2015 9:52 am
by VEG
I suggest to make aspect option usable even when NGLIDE_RESOLUTION is 0 (by app). In this case nGlide have to find nearest to selected by application resolution with native aspect ratio of users display and use it. For example, when application tries to use 1024×768, nGlide with this option have to try to use 1366×768 if user have widescreen 16:9 display.

Re: Aspect ratio option without forcing resolution

Posted: Fri Apr 24, 2015 5:03 pm
by VEG
Intel Display Drivers have an option to keep aspect ratio for all resolutions. What is interesting, this option works for DirectX correctly. For example, when I run Need For Speed III in 800×600x32 on display with native resolution 1920×1200, it works correctly. I can say more. If I see current resolution in displays menu, it says that it is 1920×1200×32. It means that 800×600×32 was automatically converted to 1920×1200×32 by system drivers with correct aspect ratio. This feature works perfectly with resolutions bigger than 640×480. For some reason if I use 640×480, system doesn't keep aspect ratio and the game uses “real” 640×480.

But it is not the main problem. The main problem that this feature doesn't works when I run the game in voodoo2 mode with nGlide. What is the reason of this?

Re: Aspect ratio option without forcing resolution

Posted: Sun Apr 26, 2015 12:10 am
by VEG
It's me again :mrgreen:

Another suggestion of API extension. It would be very useful for modification of Glide games.

I suggest to add an ability to control these things from patched program:

- Real screen resolution
- “Virtual screen” resolution
- Box to output “virtual screen” (left, top, width, height) - center of the screen by default
- Clipping for this box also may be useful (in addition to standard grClipWindow and grCoordinateSpace which is may be heavily used by game already)

These features may be useful for game menus, for example. Usually all images in menus prerendered for 4:3 and all code written exactly for one resolution. For example, menu in Need For Speed III always run in 640×480. It would be nice if game could run menu with same resolution that is used for gameplay (to avoid annoying display mode changing), simply stretched to 4:3 box in the center of screen. And it would be nice if user could set this option from default game options screen. That's why it would be very nice to have an ability to control these “settings” from code.

Maybe it is not hard to implement... Of course, it is not a necessity. It is only for information and something to think about. But support of any system resolutions in possible Glide API extension is very important.

Re: Aspect ratio option without forcing resolution

Posted: Mon May 04, 2015 6:45 pm
by Zeus
No.. I'm not going to "butcher" Glide API for the feature that should be supported by the display driver. AMD/Nvidia solutions work properly and Intel should be no different (nGlide is just a normal D3D9 program), so the first thing I would do is to try to update their drivers or write to the support so they can fix it.