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3D RipperDX Support

Post by JGZinv » Tue Mar 20, 2012 9:14 pm

I almost put this into suggestions, because it's probably not "meant" to work...
But it would be unbelievably useful to me if it did.


It's a program that (far as I understand it) intercepts the D3D data and can export the models,
textures, and shaders to files. Then you can clean it up, use things in other games, make mods,
etc. Problem is that the author has quit developing it recently, even though there's dozens upon
dozens of people that are willing to donate (myself included), in order to get it working.
The author also never worked on D3D support prior to DX7.

So my problem:
Tachyon the Fringe is a space combat game, runs 3DFX and DX6. The DX6 exports via the ripper are
totally useless geometry wise, you get textures but the models are destroyed. The ripper wasn't designed
for DX6.

My thought:
nGlide form what I read, takes 3DFX and translates that to DX9. Should work right..?

Loaded Tachyon in nGlide, via the ripper - it does run and shows the "ready to capture" status, the wireframe viewing mode works. You can actually "grab" a capture.

The captured model files are empty. No geometry is being captured. In addition, while not functionality I need, it might be related - the "no textures" viewing mode of the ripper does not act normally. There's nothing but a starry background. Where as under D3D, you would see models and surfaces rendered as textureless.

So I don't know if it's possible to fix, but if I could get this combination to work together correctly so I could rip models out, I'd be happy to make a donation to zeus just as I had said I would for the Ripper, before he shut down development.

Maybe this is something zeus software could look into as a new program to develop. There are no 3D rippers in development anywhere currently. So there is a need out there.

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Re: 3D RipperDX Support

Post by Zeus » Wed Mar 21, 2012 12:32 am

I understand your concerns, but you're asking wrong person. It's not my fault that 3D Ripper DX can't grab the output from every DX9 app.

Moved to Suggestions.

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