Rendition (RRedline) wrapper to Glide developers???

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Rendition (RRedline) wrapper to Glide developers???

Post by WhiteMagicRaven » Wed Aug 30, 2017 6:33 pm ... state=17,1

BigRRed Glide Wrapper source code exist. Its wrapper that translates glide2x.dll (3dfx) calls to rendition verite (rredline) redline.dll & verite.dll.

I think its possible to rewrite code vice versa , so redline.dll & verite.dll translates to glide2x.dll.

That means it can use nGlide, so with that it possilble run all rredline (windows) games on 3dfx wrappers/emulators.

i have both rendition & 3dfx card. so it can be easy tested. Problems is that i am not experienced programmer, its still hard task to me but anyway i want to try my skills here.

rendition games list: from
Die by the Sword - Retail release support.
Grand Prix Legends - Retail release support.
Youtube Video: [ 1 ] Screenshots: [1 ]
Formula 1 - Retail release support.
Heavy Gear - Retail release support.
Hexen II (vHexen2) - Download latest version (beta 5 release 2) of vHexen 2 here.
Youtube Video: [ 1 ] Screenshots: [ 1 ]
Interstate 76 Gold - Retail release support. Gold upgrade patch available for original release.
MDK - Patch available for retail release.
Mechwarrior 2: Titanium Edition - Retail release support.
Monster Truck Madness 2 - Retail release support.
Myth: The Fallen Lords - Retail release support.
Quake II (vQuake2) - Download latest version (beta 5) of vQuake2 here. Lots of info on running Quake2 on Rendition cards can be found here.
Youtube Video: [ 1 ]
SODA Off-Road Racing - Retail release support.
Youtube Video: [ Comparison Rredline/Software ]
Sub Culture - Retail release support.
Team Apache - Retail release support.

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Re: Rendition (RRedline) wrapper to Glide developers???

Post by filipetolhuizen » Fri Jul 12, 2019 4:43 pm

If only I had programming skill I would've tried to come up with it as well as a S3D one as there are exclusive titles for these libraries.

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