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Re: Problem with 1.05 and Win10x64 build 17025

Posted: Sat Dec 30, 2017 12:43 am
by waltc
Zeus wrote:Please keep in mind Radeons aren't supported yet with Vulkan backend. [Release notes]

Success! Runs perfectly full screen @2560x1440 under SVN-Daum & the 2.0 version nGlide! Don't know what the weirdness was with 17025 and the emulators, but it seems taken care of in 17063...!

Interesting you should mention the Vulkan backend--I selected it and it ran perfectly--assuming that nGlide did not simply default to the d3d backend...;) I could not tell the difference, really. Sorry to bother you with this, really, as I didn't think it was an nGlide problem (which apparently it wasn't) but I thought you might like to hear about this anyway! Ah, the joys of beta OS software, eh?...;) Thanks again for all of your efforts--they are appreciated!

Edit: the irony is that the game itself is buggy...I had forgotten that...;) Every once in awhile--a crash. But it's running now, which is what I was after!