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Trophy Bass 4 - You need at least 50MB of free space.. wtf ?

Posted: Sun Oct 09, 2016 7:26 am
by DjDiabolik
On my OLD desk i have reinstalled this very OLD games on a recent pc whit WIndows 10 X64. Apparently the games working whitout nothing but i need to activate the compatibility mode to WINDOWS 98 and the graphics it's orrible.
I have tryed to Activate OPENGL whit my Nvidia GT720.. the games ask to me to restart but at restart i obtain a blue page.. can listen the sound of games can press esc and confirm to exit to desktop. After so many tryes i have press ALT+ENTER to windowed the games and the games working... but no full screen.. very frustrating.

After so many tryed i have installed nglide! this FANTASTIC app permit to obtain the games started whitout any problems and whitout any problems whit resolution but after some seconds the games it's started i obtain an ERROR windows say to me:
You need at least 50MB of free disk space to play Thropy Bass 4.......... press ok and the games back me to desktop and i can't do nothings!

I have tryed to search on google for solution but nothing append.......... tryed to search a patch whitout unsuccess etc etc...............

The very strange situation and it's looked on TBASS4.ini after this error..... i see two value:

Look the VirtualMemory value... it's negative........ i thinks the games it's not supported the recent VirtualMemory of Windows or it's not supported the recent value infact if it's released on Windows 98 in this period the pc mount 128MB di ram and virtualmemory.... now on windows 10 i have 4GB of RAM and virtual ram value it's x 1.5 this value...............

It's possible to make a patch ? Or a warkaround or similar to play this games ?

Re: Trophy Bass 4 - You need at least 50MB of free space.. wtf ?

Posted: Sun Oct 09, 2016 8:42 pm
by Zeus
For problems like this usually setting "Windows 9x or XP compatibility mode" helps. Try setting it again, this time with nGlide (and maybe manually set the setting in the ini to a positive value).

Re: Trophy Bass 4 - You need at least 50MB of free space.. wtf ?

Posted: Wed Nov 09, 2016 4:26 pm
by DjDiabolik
I have tryed to modify manually the .ini but there's every time reset to negative value at start of games..............

If i set the compatibility the nglide it's no more supported and there's no more used for run the games..................

Re: Trophy Bass 4 - You need at least 50MB of free space.. wtf ?

Posted: Sat Nov 19, 2016 3:42 pm
by Zeus
I have no problems with W95 compat mode and the game but let's try something else.

I created a patch that consists only fixes for virtual memory and disk space (all other fixes from W9x compat mode have been discarded).

1) Disable Windows 9x compatibility mode for tbass4.exe
2) Extract into game directory and launch PatchInstall.bat
3) Make sure the patch is installed correctly by opening Computer->Uninstall or change a program ("Trophy Bass 4 patch" should be listed)
4) Run tbass4.exe